Wednesday, December 31, 2008



My holidays were great
I got to spend time with my kids, grandkids, family and the obligatory people that seem to show up every holiday, that no matter who you ask in the family, the answer is always "I'm not really sure that is, maybe they're with so in so!
Even so, the Holidays were good!

For some reason, the Doctors were anxious to keep there paychecks coming in.
I did eye exams, x-rays, MRI's and follow up visits.
No real new information except for a little more info from the oncologist.
The type of Cancer is a BrTRCRK
Astro- sitoma derajat rendah yang lebih jarang. Or at least that's what it sounded like he said!

Actually it is
anaplastic astrocytoma. Now, wasn't that fun adding that word to your vocabulary!
It's classified as stage 3 with 4 being the most aggressive level.
The Dr. said there are no guarantees, (just like my computer work).
But, he is recommending a combination of pill form chem o and laser mapped and guided radiation that should take about 6 weeks to complete.
(I hope they don't use Microsoft, they might have to REBOOT right in the middle of things)
I think that
laser mapped and guided stuff went off pretty well in "Dessert Storm" didn't it?
He said the major side affects were not as serious as traditional
chem o although I could lose hair (which I've always had plenty of) and possibly get my first Tattoo from the Radiation Therapy. (but my hair should cover it up when it grows back)
He did not give me any odds or success ratios he's seen in the past, but said that he may be able to calm the growth for a few years, and if it starts getting more aggressive again, we can try something different.
I really like this Dr. (not enough to go out with him or anything) but he seems to be competent and makes me feel at ease, which helps a great deal
That seems to be pretty much all we talked about.
Anyone want to hire a half-brained computer geek!
Or from what I hear, I could make even more money if I dress the part and show off my scars make a poorly written cardboard sign,
and find a really good street corner........................
Or better yet! Maybe if I buy a Lottery Ticket and choose the monthly payment for life option, maybe the State will increase my odds of winning!
OK! So they didn't succeed at removing all of my poor attempts at humor, but at least I have part of an excuse!

Cut to the Chase , ............Finally they all say!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm pretty sure that if nothing changes soon, I think I am going to do the treatment this time.
I actually am very up and very optimistic about the future and my decision.
Actually, that still small voice that I have listened to all of my life, spoke to my heart and my mind and said "GO FOR IT!"

"GO FOR IT!" I will!

thanks again for all of your thoughts and prayers, email etc.......
It's always good to hear from you!


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