Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Steroids and Treatment update

Before I get started with the recommended treatment, I would like to tell a little bit about steroids.
The Dr. started weaning me off the steroids yesterday over the next 2 weeks. My first thought was (Great, now I can change my name back from "Cheetah" after having to eat so many bananas all the time). So, I skipped my 6 pm dose and went about my evening. I got sleepy earlier than normal, so I tried to watch some TV and fell asleep. I awoke at 2 am (2 hours past my next scheduled dose) in a world similar to (1984), gasping for breath and angry and fearful that someone was trying to kill me. Only problem, I was the only one there. I immediately took my next dose and found that they are are fairly fast acting. I woke again at 4 am, still feeling like someone was after me, this time I just started the coffee pot, and decided I may not go to sleep again for the next 2 weeks. I'm making sure that my family has their Taser guns loaded. (Kinda makes you wonder why all the Wrestlers, dress funny and scream and holler at their fans and opponents! If you see me doing that, just shoot me and put me out of my misery.)

Now to the Treatment.
Sometime in the next 2 weeks I should start a 6 Week daily visit to the Tropical Resort of my choosing.
I will go there for cocktails and very customized tanning sessions. (When I signed up online, I thought I was joining ClubMed aargh!!! I really hate SPAM you just never know if that link you click on is a virus or not)
They will first do another enhanced MRI and build special helmet or something that will be used to protect the good parts of the brain and allow the radiation to be more focused on where they see the bad tissue. They did the normal disclaimer in advance as to "No Guarantees" The only guarantee they do have is that I if don't do this now, in a short period of they will have to go back in, cut out more tissue (as it is still growing) and present me with a diminished set of options. So, in a nutshell (no pun intended).
That's what I'll be up to for while. I would invite along for the ride, but I think most of you would prefer waiting for Spring to arrive and getting your tans naturally while doing the yard. But don't be jealous of my early tan.

Soon, I will start a Blog and send you a link for it, that way you won't be pestered by my emails and can just log in to get updates.
I've never Blogged before so it will give me something new to learn.

Thanks Again for all of the comments and prayers that have been expressed, each means than you think.

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