Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Decisions - Decisions!!!!!!!

Decisions - Decisions!!!!!!!
Well I am in interesting dilemma! Due to (KEEP AUSTIN WEIRDS) Socialized Health Care System, I have found myself between the proverbial Rock and Hard Place!.
You see, I have this little prescription bottle for my Anti-Seizure medicine that read NO REFILLS. No problem, you say! Just call the Doctor and they will call it in if you really need it. That would be the way it would work in most cases, but in Austin!!! The only tpye of Doctor that will make decision on the Anti-Seizure medicine is a Neurologist! So, ask your Neurologist and they will take care of it! I would, but I have no Neurologist! Why Not? You ask! Because in Austins system that I am, You have to have a Primary Care Doctor refer you to a Neurologist! So, have them refer you to one! And quit boring me with this stuff! Ah! Hear comes the Rub. I have been trying to find a Primary Care Doctor that is accepting New Patients for almost a month now! I went to an appointment last week hoping that I would have success finally! Willing to overlook the fact that English was not the language of choice, I decided to "Grin and Bear It" praying for a solution. While waiting for my turn, a white man came out in the parking lot to talk a "patient" whom he had just seen! Shirt tail half out, "Plumbers Crack" just waiting to get a glimpse of the sunlight. Then basically I hear Mr. Gerirea you can back now!
Talk about mixed emotions! What kind of Grade Point Average do you have to maintain in order to get JOB in a place like that. I shouldn't be so hard on him, because basically I think he prescribed the right prescription "Don't come here, I only work 9 - 5 and you never know which (or is witch)doctor you will see". So, on to the next on the list. Just to add a little suspence, I am now less than 2 weeks away from running out of the Anti-Seizure medicine. More calls, more calls, more not accepting new patients, then finally one says they will see me, OK when can I come in for my first visit? April, she says! Look at the calander and do the math! Looks like 'I am up a well known creek, without the the proverbial paddle".
Whoa Nellie!!!!!!!!!!
I think I've had about all of Austin that I can "Live With" pun intended.
Pick up the phone call a past client who works for a Doctor in Kerrville, after telling her in a sentence about the tumor, (Lucky her, she didn't have to endure the long version like you have) She said!!!!!!! Drum Roll Please! We are awaiting our final approval to be a Primary Care Doctor! We not going to Advertise it to the Outside world but, come on in, if it takes another six months for us to get paid, don't worry about it, just get in here now! I'll handle it! I wonder if the Doctor knows! Actuallay I used to do his PC work for him and his practice. (Maybe he did really believe me when I told him it was WindowsXP and not me that erased all of his Patient Records (Just Kidding!))
So, for the Short Part of the story!
I am in the process of getting ready to re-locate back to Kerrville!
It's a little scary because I still have little or no use of my right hand, can't drive and can't do a lot of things because of being over-medicated and being dizzy most of the time. My mother is pretty apprehensive about it. but knows that I am a survivor and is trying to come terms with not being able t watch over "her baby" right now!
Yet, she already has her hands full taking of my Dad, who was in the same hospital in Austin for almost a month because improper monitoring of his medications "Does anyone else see a pattern here?"
Either Way! within a couple of days "KerrPatch Here I Come"
On side note, When I first got of the hospital, I was walking the property here 4 to 6 times per day, as a result (I think) of being improperly monitored on my meds, now 1 trip per day is about all I can do.
I think the best thing that will come with this decision is that is will give me the "Perfect" reason to get Second Opinions on everything that has been done so far!
Thanks again for your indulgence!

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